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Jayachandran has acted in two films namely "Nakhashathangal" and "Krishnapparaunthu". When director Hariharan offered him a role in "Nakhashathangal", Jayachandran was not aware of his acting talent. He portrayed the role of a young Namboodiri in the film which was well appreciated by one and all and the film was a great hit. But the second film did not meet much success which made Jayachandran give up acting though everybody liked his role with utmost perfection in Nakhashathangal. Jayachandran does not like his role in the other film which was not a success. He is not very keen on acting as it is not his portfolio and it needs a lot of patience and travelling from one place to another for shooting, which is also quite hectic.

"At times Jayachandran's voice and songs sound sweeter than any Yesudas's songs". says Vidyasagar, the famous music composer. Jayachandran says, " The greatest asset for a singer is Bhava. The ability to imbibe the right mood and convey the right expression alone can give life to a song. The primary lesson an aspiring singer should be "how not to sing" rather than "how to sing". Yesudas and I have never imitated any other singers though there were a number of talented singers like Kamukara, Udayabhanu, P.B. Srinivasan and A.M. Raja before us. We had sung in our own styles.

Posing Casually


Jayachandran likes to sing Tamil songs. He comments' "The natural flow of the Tamil language gives a musical touch to Tamil which makes its songs much more musical". Jayachandran has sung songs for many megahit Tamil films. Some of the most popular songs are; Thirumurugan Ariginile Vallikurathi..", "Palabhikesham Cheyyavo…" "Kannanin Sannithiyil…" "Kolumbhu Veeitiyille illannivi khaarazhagi..", "Kannalille meen vettai…", "Kavithai arangerum neram..", "Nan Thaiyumanaannan…". Issaikkavu" etc. Jayachandran's first song, sung in Tamil was "Thankachimizhu Pol" for the film "Manipayal", His first hit in Tamil waas "Ponnenna Poovenna Kanne…" for the film "Alaigal". The all time favourite and a very beautiful Tamil song that cannot be passed without a notice is the mega hit "Rasaathi Unne Kanathe Nenjum", for the film "Vaidehi Kaathirundhal. Apart from Malalayam and Tamil, Jayachandran has sung songs in Kannada and Telugu films too. But he has not sung any Hindi film songs yet. Jayachandran does not think that the age of melody is over. He says melody and melodious songs will always remain close to the hearts of people.
But Jayachandran does not argue on the fact that now a days rhythm is more prominent in film music than Raga and Bhava. According to him, many a time the literary aspect of film music is sidelined" .

He strongly denies the notion that he took a break from music for a while. He states, "No, never was I away from music. It was only that I didn't prefer singing for films in that period. Even then my schedule was packed with live concerts and devotional songs".


Jayachandran feels that these days film songs have lost their identity and individuality. According to him earlier songs were the result of a combined effort. The producer, the director, the writer, the composer, the lyricist, the singers…. were all very deeply involved in the making of film and its songs. This sense of togetherness contributed greatly to the quality of the film and its music. Nowadays these people do not even see each other. Another point to be brought into light is that the earlier songs were closely related to the theme of the film. They evolved naturally in a movie. But new songs come from nowhere and some times appear a forcible entry.

According to him, the blind run after western music has damaged film music to a large extent. He feels that the advancement in the field of music technology has done much harm to films. In most cases the increase in the number of instruments used, adversely affect the quality of music. He is of the opinion that the deteriorating quality of our film songs can be imputed to the track singing system.

Views And Comments About Other Singers
Jayachandran discusses his views about other singers and musicians. To begin with he always starts his day of a busy schedule of singing by devoting a few minutes to his singing goddess P.Susheela, who had possessed a divine voice which was recognized by the whole of India, aged but an unforgettable singer. " If I have to point out a male singer I admire most, I will name Raafi Saab. He would sing all types of songs in the exact mood needed and miraculously create a blend of music with the song. As a singer if you consider it necessary to imitate anybody's style I would suggest Raffi's. I consider his singing as near to perfection." The Nightingale of South India, S.Janaki cannot be passed without a keen reference by Jayachandran. He comments that her voice cannot be imitated in anyway at all. "Mannade is another singer whom I admire very much. I grew up listening to his magical voice "."Ofcourse not to forget Kishore Kumar. I truly admire his versatility. Talking about versatility the most famous female singers of all times need to be most certainly mentioned, the professional singing sisters Latha Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. Their voice have created miracles in the whole of India. They have proved to instill shockwaves in the world by their vibrating voice. They don't need any introduction at all. Both of them are capable of adding the right spice to the right mood of the song. "I have also great respect for Baburaj" whom we most lovingly called Babukka. We used to sing together for many programmmes at his place in Malabar. It was he who showed me Kozhikode city for the first time. When he auditioned my voice for the first time I couldn't sing as I was literally shivering. He is one of the best music directors of all times, he had a style which was combined of both Hindustani and Mappilapattu." "I am an ardent fan of and also loved to work under Dakshinamoorthi Swamy.

He was an expert in mastering the combination of Bhakthi and Bhava". I am also a fan of Raghavan master as his voice had a touch of folk in his music." "M.S.Viswanathan is really a genius in music. If I could, I would crown him as the greatest music composer of the whole world, he has got a style of elegance combined with his tenure" "Ilayaraja is unique with his own style. His music is a combination of the folk and western music". "A.R.Rahaman is a musician who gives paramount importance to music technology. He cares much for the quality of sound recording and mixing". From this we can generally conclude as to how our great singer has the capability of evaluating and grasping the good and bad points of various musicians and singers.


It is probably because of the sanctity of his soul and the magical melody of his transparent love for music that nature has instilled in his voice the power of music. Through the well known songs of Upasana and the famous 'Harshabashpam Thooki' Jayachandran won the prestigious award that Yesudas garlanded him. Unexpected prizes are priceless, that is why this award was so tenderly accepted by Jayachandran .

He thought that moments of receiving the award was truly unbelievable. He contributed beautiful songs for a whole generation to hear and to devour.Jayachandran believes that since the rhythm of today's songs are fast, the songs are also faster which now proves to be a great dent for Malayalam songs. He holds a bright future for Malayalam songs that will return to the old hygiene of lyrics and tone of the voice.
Here are some excerpts of the interviews by various newspapers on the day of receiving the 'Swaralaya Kairali Yesudas Award':

'Desabhimani' reports...

Why do you think that Yesudas - the 'Ganagandharvan' did not pave out a way for singers as popular as him?
Eventhough many singers come up on the singing scenario often none has been able to match the the trance that Yesudas has created. His waver of voice is something incapable.
· What is your experience in first composing lyrics and singing them?
It was in 1965 for the film Kunjali Marakkar that I had sung for the first time. The starting was itself not right but fate still continued to be with me by giving me a lift with the song 'Oru Mulla…..'

Which do you prefer, film songs or other type of songs?
I prefer film songs but I have sung many devotional songs as well.

'Malayala Manorama' Enquires...

The reason behind your dislike of Micheal Jackson?
I have never heard any of Jackson's music so how am I supposed to comment on whether I like or dislike him.
How about A.R. Rahman's music?
Well simply great. I admire his sense of style in music. Though the voice is given very less significance to the orchestra of the song it improves the quality of the song.

Answering Telephonic Questions

Do you agree with the policy of imitating voices while singing?
Imitation is highly not advisable. It will prove to be of very less utility in the future for the imitator himself. I suggest that new singers should never imitate except in a few occasions like at private parties or other functions.
From the beginning of your career you have sung songs which have become hits and megahits. Do you prefer any song to the others?

Yes I would like to specify a few of my favourite songs: 'Manathukannikal Mayangum Kayyangal…' for the film Madhavi Kutty. Then the song 'Upasana Upasana' for the film Thottavadi.The song 'Manjalayil Mungithorthi' for the film Kalithozhan. 'Harshabashpam Thooki' for the film 'Muthassi', the song 'Karimukil Kattile Rejanithan Veettile' for Kallichellama. These are my favouriter film songs. But I am really fond of the song 'Onnini sruthi thazhthi...'. I feel like hearing the song atleast a 1000 times. It was a song sung for DD4 and which by gods grace had become an immediate hit.

Even with all these songs at hand he is a fan of many of Yesudas' songs. When he speaks of them itself his face glows with a glimmer of light. The soft spoken Jayachandran still keeps Yesudas in a very high esteem.

· Your happiest and saddest moments?
My most sorrowful moments are when my father, mother and my elder brother passed away. My most happiest time was when I received the first State award.

'Indian Express' interrogates...
. About your first recording,how did it feel like?

· Have you ever thought of bringing your singing career to arrest?
Never. It will most pleasantly continue.
· New films?
'DevaDoothan', 'Randam Bhavam', 'Dubai'